Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is passed, but we aren’t done with the holidays and the challenges that it can sometimes bring. Between work events, holiday parties, family events, and so much more there are a lot of opportunities to indulge and risk your diet. Like we said during Thanksgiving, don’t stress it. Plan accordingly you we can help you with avoiding holiday weight gain this season.

Tips this Holiday Season

We know the holidays are filled with all kinds of temptations, but try not to over indulge every chance you get. December is full of events with opportunities to eat and drink everything delicious and unhealthy. Make smart decisions so that you can go in to the New Year with no extra holiday weight.

Avoid High Calorie Drinks: This includes your daily Starbucks coffee, not just alcohol. Do your best to stick to black coffee or coffee with almond milk instead of a loaded with sugar creamer. We know the tasty holiday cocktails are tempting but you can easily be drinking 400+ calories in an 8oz. drink. Stick to your healthy mixers so you can save the calories for those holiday meals instead.

Basic Options Ready: This is actually a good idea always, but even more than ever when you have a lot of holiday parties coming up and not much time to meal prep. Keep some healthy basics on hand so that you can enjoy something healthy when you’re in a time crunch. This will spare you from eating too much at the parties or from picking up fast food. Great options are frozen vegetables, whole wheat pasta or rice, beans, and lean meats or fish.

Control Your Stress: Sounds easy enough, right? Stress actually plays a huge role in your weight loss journey. This is because stress causes high cortisol levels.  People who tend to have higher cortisol levels tend to have a higher food intake and cravings for junk food. So, keeping your stress levels low can play a large role in how you are eating!

Healthy Substitutions: If you’re the one hosting and deciding on the dishes, pick out some healthy options and create them with healthier substitutions! As much as we love cheese based dips and loads of sour cream, you can easily swap these out. Try making dips with low-fat plain yogurt or keep it simple and just use some salsa or hummus. The great part about dips like hummus is you can easily put out vegetables instead of chips!

Keep Your Goals in Mind: This is a great mindset to have your entire year, but especially during the holidays! If you continue to focus on the end goal it’s easier to say no to the holiday sweets!

The holidays are meant to be fun and we definitely encourage you to have a good time and enjoy yourself! If you’re looking for help to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, we want to help! Everyone’s goals are different to at Disturbing Comfort we will customize a plan just for you based on your own fitness goals. Take the time to enjoy the holidays by following our tips and then hitting your goals hard after! We are here to help guide you!

-The Disturbing Comfort Family