Client Spotlight Brooke

Meet our Client Spotlight, Brooke! Brooke has been with the Disturbing Comfort family for almost two years now and she has made some amazing progress! We are very excited to share her story with you all. 

Brooke discovered the DC family when she was chatting with one of her friends about the changes she wanted to make with her health. She had heard great things about our custom plans and was eager to make some changes in her routine. “Personally, after being a college athlete I was burnt out from workouts and avoided them entirely post-grad. This led to a few years of neglecting both fitness and nutrition. When my friend shared information about DC with me, I was at the lowest point in my life in terms of overall health. I was tired of feeling and looking unhealthy, and finally felt the desire to step outside of my comfort zone strong enough to take action. After looking over the website and seeing some of the transformations, I decided that DC’s mission resonated with me and I would try it out. I had so much support and accountability from the DC team, especially in those initial months as I was getting started and things were most challenging. Without the support from Jeremy, I don’t know that I would’ve continued this for almost 2 years (and counting!). “

Brooke is motivated by the results that she has gotten, mentally and physically. While she has made amazing progress physically, she says that overall she feels healthier which is what keeps her going. She also is motivated by the Disturbing Comfort team: “It also has helped to feel like I have a community of support with the DC team and others who are trying to step out of their comfort zone though D.C.”

We always like to hear about people’s challenges during their plans. It helps you to know that you’re not alone! Other people are going through this journey and have hit a few walls- but they’ve continued to work hard and are seeing those results. Some of Brooke’s biggest challenges were the workouts and following the meal plan. She says that at first she wasn’t fully sure of what she was doing for the workouts but with the help of Jeremy and the app, she was able to figure everything out and it made the plan more manageable. As far as meals go, she loved being able to have a cheat meal. It helped her to know she did have that enjoyable meal coming. She learned about balance and now she enjoys her healthy options even more because of how they male her feel!

Brooke, we are so proud of the progress you have made! You are a true warrior and have shown so much strength during your plans! Keep up the hard work!