Client Spotlight: Duke

Hey Fit Fam! Meet our client spotlight Duke Anyanwu. Duke has been working with the Disturbing Comfort family since the end of March 2019.

We all start for a reason.
Duke’s reasoning to join the Disturbing Comfort family is he wants to lose as much fat as possible (without being unhealthy) so he can begin to feel confident in his own skin again! Duke joined the Disturbing Comfort family because of our owner, Jeremy Stephens! “We connected in person in March this year and talking with him, hearing his story, and seeing his transformation was the last push I needed. Playing college football, I knew I didn’t necessarily need a personal trainer, but I needed a PLAN because I operate best with structure.”

Motivation Is Key.
Hitting his goals and feeling and looking like the best version of himself motivates Duke. But of course, we all have challenges during our journey.

There are a few challenges for me, personally. One is acknowledging current progress. We are our own worst enemy sometimes and you don’t really realize just how much progress you’ve made until you look back and compare. That’s why I think progress photos are so important. Another challenge is managing expectations! There’s a weird notion we have sometimes that if you workout once, you should see a difference immediately and we obviously know that’s NOT the case. Initially, I wanted to lose as much weight, as fast as possible. Overcoming that mental hurdle was tough when I wasn’t losing weight (on the scale) as fast as I wanted. Finally, a last challenge for me is “losing that last 10-15 pounds.” I put that in quotes because what’s most people would call losing those last few pounds, really just comes down to body composition or “toning up.” A perfect example is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Everyone one earth will unanimously agree that he’s incredibly fit, but he’s also like 260 pounds. I wouldn’t care what the number on the scale said if I looked like him! But now that I’m in a weight range that I feel comfortable at, I am now so focused on trying to tone up problem areas and it can be frustrating at times!”

Duke, we think you are doing amazing! Keep up the hard work! This all started because you decided to step out of your comfort zone and push for a better you! Your journey will inspire plenty of others!