Client Spotlight- Rachel

Meet our very first Disturbing Comfort challenge winner, Rachel!! Rachel first started with us back in 2018 when we did our New Year’s challenge and has been with us ever since! Some of her fitness goals are to build more lean muscle, decrease body fat, and tone her body. She wants to continue to get stronger both physically and mentally. Rachel wants to see progress and move forward with the understanding that it may not always show on the scale.

Rachel first started with us because she knew she needed to make some changes and wanted to feel better overall.
“Completing the challenge and seeing results gave me the confidence and discipline I needed to continue with personalized meal plans and workout plans.”

Rachel is motivated by feeling better physically and mentally. She says that when she is following her meal and workout plans she has more energy. She is also getting married in 2020; so that is another huge motivator for her! One of her greatest challenges has been weekends, which I think we can all agree with! Between family outings and dinners, it can be tough to stay disciplined.
Always remember- it’s ok to enjoy a cheat meal once a week! Just be mindful of what you’re eating for the cheat meal so you don’t undo all your weekly progress.

Rachels’ favorite part about joining Disturbing Comfort and starting her journey has been the overall process and flow of things.
“I enjoy how mindless it is to follow the workouts and meal plans. The 12 week personalized plan uses a workout app that I love, and a grocery list and easy to follow meal plan is provided. I know that if I follow the meals and workouts, I will see results”!

That is what we are here for, Rachel! We want to make this journey as easy as possible for you! We are so happy that you have stuck with the program and continued to work hard! Keep up the amazing work!