Craving Approved Breakfast

You asked, and we listened! Eating healthy and staying consistent is definitely tricky- so we want to make it a little easier on you! Many of us fall off the wagon because we love our sweets. Check out this healthy (but tasty & sweet) recipe for protein crepes!


Protein Crepes

What You Need:

-1 Scoop Pescience Protein Powder (Vanilla or Chocolate are our fav!)

-1 Banana

-2 Eggs White/1 Egg

-1 Cup of Fruit (not necessary but delicious)

How To Make It:

Combine all ingredients. Pour ¼ cup of patter into a pan on medium-high heat. Once you start to see tin bubbles forming, flip your crepe. Place onto plate, flat, and fill with toppings and then roll! We like strawberries & blueberries, but choose your healthy favs!

Pro Tip:

Use Walden Farms syrup for all of the tasty benefits of syrup with none of the calories or sugar!

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