How to Find Motivation During the Week

How to Find Motivation During the Week

          Do you struggle with finding motivation to make it to the gym each day? Or struggle to find motivation to meal prep and eat healthy? Believe me, you are not alone. The fitness journey is definitely not something that comes natural to a lot of people. It takes time, dedication, hard work, and of course motivation. It isn’t going to happen overnight and it’s very normal to take a few steps back while on your journey. But THAT’S OKAY! We are here to help! We want to help you find what motivates you to keep pushing through as you continue your fitness journey. We want to see you succeed. 

            According to, around 73% of people who begin a fitness program for their new years resolution quit? Why do you think that is? Not seeing the results quick enough? No motivation? Not enough time? The excuses are endless and I’m sure we’ve all used them in the past. But today that stops! We know many of our clients are currently doing our 8-week transformation challenge but we want to make sure you continue on your journey! Don’t just stop at the end of the challenge- keep going and keep pushing yourself! Find out WHY you want to make these changes and think about those everyday. Maybe you need to change the background on your phone or laptop to something that will help motivate you. Maybe you need to stop buying the junk food for your kids since you know you continue to snack on it as well. There are so many things in our life that are out of our control- but how you treat your body isn’t one of them.

            We’ve compiled a list for you of our top 5 reasons to not give up!

  1. For Your Health

            This one is a given. You have to be consistent with exercising and eating healthy to remain healthy (duh). It will help with your heart, immune system, fighting off diseases, and so much more! As you get older, it’s important to already have a good fitness/health routine in place. Your future body will thank you when it is thriving and enjoying itself at the age of 80!

  1. To Look & Feel Better

            Of course we all want to look good in that cute new outfit- but it isn’t just about that. This will help you gain confidence and feel better in your own skin! Bonus perk- clearer skin and less bloating! Drink more water and cut out the fried foods and it really can help with both. We all know the fried and greasy foods hurt our stomachs anyways- so do yourself a favor and get rid of those to help!

  1. Help Relieve Stress

            As they said in Legally Blonde, “exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy!” Ok, but really, there is nothing better than going to the gym and just forgetting about any problems for an hour or so. Exercising causes changes within your brain and your nervous system that help you to feel calmer (and happier!). DC personal favorite to relieve stress: yoga!

  1. To Be Mentally & Physically Stronger

            Of course with weight training, you will become physically stronger, but it isn’t just that. You are mentally pushing yourself and becoming stronger each day as you stick to your fitness and nutrition plans. It takes A LOT of dedication to stick to your plan, but just think; if you can stick to that you can do anything!

  1. FOR YOU!

            You started this for a reason. Whatever that reason is to you should be your motivation. This is the only body you will be given, so you need to do your best to take care of it. No one else can take care of it for you- you have to put in that work yourself. Become the change you want to be! 

            We know you can do this, and we are here to help! That is why we will make you a customized plan tailored to your individual goals and health needs. We have been through the journey ourselves, and are still in it, so we know what it takes and can help guide you! Keep pushing and don’t give up! Visit our website for more info on these customized plans!