Meet Chasity!

We are back with another Client Spotlight for you this month! Chasity joined the Disturbing Comfort family about 4 months ago! She decided to start with DC because she saw the amazing results of one of her coworkers. This motivated her to really focus on her health now that she is done with school and is really able to focus on her health!

Goals and Motivation
Chasity’s overall fitness goals are: “to become the healthiest form of myself, whatever that may look like. And to learn to love myself through all of my phases and body changes I may go through as I get older.” Chasity says that her husband is her main motivation! She says that he is a great teammate and he continues to push her to go to the gym on the days she doesn’t want to. She is also motivated by the image in her head of where she wants to be. It helps to challenge her each day!

Highs and Lows
We all know that the fitness journey is TOUGH. You have your good days and you have your bad days. But, you cannot give up! Chasity says the biggest challenge for her has been finding ways to get her meals in with her work schedule. She was finding it hard to eat on time as well as eat the healthy snacks on her plan. We recently modified her plan for her and she says that it’s really helped with her planning her meals. One of her favorite parts of her fitness journey has been the weekly check-ins that we do! She says “it helps to reset your mind for the week and gives you that extra accountability that someone is rooting for you as your next week starts!”

We are so happy to have you in the Disturbing Comfort family, Chasity! We love that we have been able to help you work on your goals and see such great progress! Keep up the hard work!