Meet Lynn!

It’s time for another Client Spotlight! We love these pieces because we are able to highlight someone who is committed to Disturbing Comfort and making lifestyle changes! This month we wanted to try something new and highlight some at the very beginning of their transformation! We are very excited to have Lynn with us as she starts her transformation and works on some of her fitness goals with us. Let’s see why she decided to start on this path and we will keep up with her over the next few months to see how she is doing!

About Lynn
Lynn joined the Disturbing Comfort legit like 2 weeks ago and is already coming in strong. She has chosen to also participate in the Transformation Challenge that we started on February 10th. She’s done some of our challenges in the past and has really enjoyed the competition side of it. Lynn decided to get a customized DC plan recently when she realized she needed to make some more long-term changes. With work being busy she says that she had kind of put her health and fitness goals to side- but is ready to change that! When it was time for her to actually get started and pick a plan, she said she immediately thought of us! (We are flattered!)

Lynn’s goals with her customized plan are to improve her overall health and lose the extra weight that she is carrying.

Going into the challenge, we wanted to know what Lynn was excited about but also what she thinks will be the most challenging. Lynn says that for her the hardest part will be consistency. “ I get excited and go to extremes - exercising all the time, cutting out ALL unhealthy foods, etc.  This time, I am trying to do it differently.  Introducing a couple small changes at a time, so that I can make them habits, instead of just a short-term fix.”

We want Lynn, and everyone, to know that this is totally normal to feel! You have to find what will work for you so that you can stick with it.

Lynn is most excited about “Getting my energy back and seeing the progress I make over the next couple of months! When Jeremy first asked if I wanted to do this, I was hesitant...because who wants to talk about their health and fitness when they are not healthy or fit? However, I realized that this would be a great way to have the Disturbing Comfort family cheering me on and holding me accountable to my goals as well!”

Lynn- we are so excited to stand next to you as your work on your health goals and we will be here the entire time! We can’t wait to see the progress that you make over the next few months, and even years! You’ve got this!


-The Disturbing Comfort Family