Meet Nick!

We are thrilled to introduce everyone to Nick! Nick just recently finished up our 3-Month Shred plan! He was extremely eager to share his story with us about his progress so we of course had to share it with our entire DC Family.

Nick’s Journey

Over the 3 months on this plan, Nick lost 33 pounds! “This was major for me because I had ballooned and finally feel on track to getting somewhere I feel comfortable.” Nick said that overall he now feels more comfortable in his own skin. “I’ve always had anxiety but seeing progress makes me more eager to wear fitting clothes and have confidence that they fit me.”

Take a look at the progress Nick has had with the program and some of the changes he has seen! “When I started this program I couldn’t run half a mile or go over level 5 on the stair master without feeling like I was going to pass out. I can now run a full mile in about 9 minutes and can go at level 10 on the stair master for 10 minutes. I used to not even be able to pull myself up for one unassisted pull-up and now I can do 4 easy without a struggle. I hope to pump this up to 10 in the next round! For push-ups, the first time I did till failure I hit 31; I was dead and had noodle arms after. Today I did 55 and followed it up with another 30, something I couldn’t imagine doing, even with football.”

This program wasn’t just a fitness and nutrition change for Nick; he also worked on changing some of his lifestyle habits. “I used to drink upwards of 30 beers in a given weekend, on top of late night pizza and junk. I haven’t had a beer in 12+ weeks and really don’t even crave it anymore. I not only drink less, but for the most part don’t need to over drink when I do. It is something I’ve struggled with and committing to this plan has helped me overcome those problems.”

Message From Nick

“Thank you Jeremy, I used to look up to you as one of the best athletes I’d ever been on a field with. Now I consider you someone who is not only invested in me, but puts me in a position to be the best I can.”

We are so proud of the progress that Nick has made! It’s so inspiring to see someone change their entire life for our program. This is just the beginning for Nick and we can’t wait to see how much further he can go!

Fun Facts
Favorite Workout: Lifting
Favorite Healthy Meal: Turkey burger, brown rice & vegetable medley
Favorite Cheat Meal: Bacon cheeseburger and fries
Favorite Dessert: Funfetti cookies
AM or PM Workouts?:'s the perfect way to start my day!
Indoor or Outdoor Workouts?: Indoor

If you’re interested in starting your journey, contact us today! We are here to help you with these lifestyle changes!

-The DC Family