Meet our Client Spotlight, Sam!

Meet Sam! Sam joined the Disturbing Comfort family about a month ago and says he ahs loved every second of his journey so far! We asked Sam a handful of questions bout his goals, what motivates him, and what made him want to start his fitness journey. Here’s what he had to say:

My Goals:
“My fitness goals are to lose over 100 pounds at first and then an additional 50 pounds. I also want to run my first 5K without dying! I joined the Disturbing Comfort family because one Sunday when I was at church, I was sitting in a theater style seat and I saw a heavier set gentleman leaning forwards and resting his arms on the chair in front of him since he didn’t really fit in the seat. I thought to myself “I hope I never get that heavy.’ Then I noticed that I was doing the same thing. I felt shocked to realize that I never saw myself as overweight and that I had a problem. So I decided it was time to do something. I have been exposed to so many ‘get fit quick’ programs and I never bought into them. Then my wife, Kati, told me she had heard about DC from one of her old classmates and how it transformed their life. She and I were excited to see that Disturbing Comfort wasn’t a program of shakes and meal replacements for a high price. It was based on solid advice, exercise, and hard work. So I decided to join and have been amazed to see what my body is able to do!”

We just love Sam’s story and why he decided to start his journey. It’s normal to have that feeling where we want to change and want to start- but aren’t sure what program to choose and sometimes we just don’t have the motivation to start. Which is why it’s important to have something that motivates us to keep pushing! Sam says he is motivated by his wife- he wants to be healthy for her so that she can have the best version of him. He is also motivated by himself and what his body can do. He said that before starting with DC, he had so many doubts about himself and what his body could do. He’s surprised himself by being able to do sprints, run, and ‘leg day without dying.’ That motivation truly keeps you going!

With every new beginning comes challenges. Sam’s greatest challenges so far have been the meal prep and finding the time. He says it’s already gotten easier though to learn how to prioritize when and what to cook! His favorite part so far is “being apart of a community that gives good advice and guidance. I also now enjoy working out running!”

Sam- Keep it up! We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what else is to come in the next few months!