Meet Tabitha!!

Meet Tabitha! Tabitha is one of the original Disturbing Comfort clients! She started with us February of 2018 and since then has lost over 55 pounds and become a huge advocate for the DC family! She is a true rock star!

About Tabitha

Tabitha joined the DC Family because she was tired of being unhappy with how she looked and with how bad she felt. She started talking to our founder, Jeremy, and he was able to tell her more about our programs.

“This program teaches you how to have a better relationship with food and teaches you how to workout. It was the lifestyle change I needed!”

Tabitha is motivated by the little things like going down a size in jeans or having wiggle room in a dress that wasn’t there before. Those things are what keep her going to the gym and keep her working hard! She’s also motivated by the desire to do better.

With everything in life, it comes with challenges. Between changing up your eating habits and adding in a new gym routine- it can be tough! One of Tabitha’s main challenges has been the meal plan. Like many of us, she gets bored with the same healthy food every single day. So for her, she tries to find new ways to cook the food so that she doesn’t get bored. I think we can all agree that once we get bored with the basic grilled chicken, we’d prefer not to touch it for a while! Finding new ways to spice/season your food is key! Another challenge for her has been pushing herself TOO hard (yes, this is a thing!). Many of us do this because we are so motivated. We forget to take a break and just breathe when our bodies are exhausted. Make sure to take those breaks when necessary! 

Fitness Goals
We find that it’s important to have fitness goals as we start this journey. Some people set new goals weekly, monthly, yearly, and even further out goals. You have to have goals to motivate yourself and keep you going. Tabitha likes to set little goals at a time to work towards. Right now, her goal is beat her 2019 Mini Marathon time in 2020! We think you can do it, Tabitha! Thanks for sharing your story- Keep up the hard work!