Navigating Through Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year for Thanksgiving meals and holiday gatherings. Many times we stress about the calories and carbs that are involved with our meals rather than focusing on enjoying the day and time with our families.  If you plan ahead before the big day, you can enjoy your day of celebrations and delicious food. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a stressful meal if you learn the proper tricks for the day of.

Enjoying Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is, easily, the biggest cheat day throughout the year. You are surrounded with delicious carbs and tasty desserts- all of which are high in calories and sugar. If you’re someone who tracks their calories and macros, it might be hard for you to let loose and enjoy this big of a cheat meal. We are here to tell you-it’s OK to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal!

Continue to Workout: I know the weekends are super easy to skip a workout or do a half workout. Don’t let that happen! Set your alarm and get those workouts in early. Go hard and burn those extra calories so that the pumpkin slices at the end of the week tastes even better. Most families doesn’t have Thanksgiving until later in the day so, if possible, try to even do a small day of workout. Go for a run with your family members that are in town or take a brisk walk. Get your heart rate up in the morning so you can burn more calories throughout the day.

No Leftovers: Be a good houseguest (or hostess) and help pack up the leftovers, but give them to your family members! Try not to take any home with you. This will reduce the temptation to continue your cheat day through the weekend. Remember: Thanksgiving is just ONE day- not a whole weekend.

Plan Ahead: Thanksgiving is not a holiday that just sneaks up on you. It’s the same time of year, same Thursday ever year, same everything. You don’t have to plan the whole month around this day, but you should try to plan your week around it. Be sure to meal prep the week before with your normal, healthy, meals. Try your best not to over indulge the week before on the leftover Halloween candy at work or have that extra bread with your meals. Follow your macro and calories counts and you will be on track for a successful Thanksgiving.

Portion Control: Yes, enjoying your meals on Thanksgiving is important. But like any day, you need to remember your potions. Having two scoops of mac n cheese is probably not the best idea when you are working on your fitness goals. Limit yourself to a reasonable healthy portion. This will help you to enjoy a little bit of everything, and also not feel too bloated the next day.

Timing: As you’ve noticed on your fitness and nutrition plan, we try to tell you the ideal time to eat your meals. That’s because we want you to be able to accurately space them out and not over eat. Find out when your Thanksgiving meal will be and plan for that. Don’t skip your breakfast just to eat a larger meal- that’s not healthy either.

Enjoy The Day: We saved this for last because it’s the most important. Thanksgiving is just one day; so don’t overstress it when it comes to calories and your other macros. You are meant to enjoy these days- that’s why you’ve worked so hard all year!

Follow these tips and we hope you will have a fun, and stress free, Thanksgiving! This is the time of year where we are challenged most when it comes to the delicious foods and lack of time for meal planning and working out. Do your best to stick to your goals but also enjoy yourself. Balance is key!


Happy Thanksgiving!

-The Disturbing Comfort Family