New Year Meals

It’s a new year which means for many of us it’s time to start eating healthy again and meal prepping! This might sound scary to you but you might also be the eager type who is looking forward to this new challenge! Check out some healthy meals that are easy to prep and delicious!

You Pick It Stir Fry

What You Need:
- 1 pound your choice of meat (steak, chicken shrimp, turkey)

-1 tablespoon avocado oil or olive oil

-2 cups chopped broccoli

-2 large carrots, thinly sliced


-1/4 cup liquid aminos or low sodium soy sauce

-1 tablespoon honey

-2 garlic cloves


-1 teaspoon chili flakes

-1 tablespoon sesame seeds

How to Make:

  • Whisk together all sauce ingredients
  • Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add in your chosen meat and cook until done. Around 5-6 minutes depending on the meat.
  • Stir in veggies and cook an additional 3-4 minutes
  • Pour sauce over and stir in to coat

Enjoy! Serve over brown rice or quinoa.


Chicken Meatballs 

What You Need:

-1.5 pounds ground chicken (or turkey)

-2 large zucchini (optional)

-24 oz. tomato-basil marinara sauce

-1 yellow onion

-3 garlic cloves

-2 tablespoons oregano

-4 tablespoons GF flour

-2 tablespoons avocado oil

 How to Make:

  • Using a veggie pealer, peal the zucchini to create thin ribbons/noodles. This is optional! If you’d prefer pre-made veggie noodles, go for it!
  • Pour flour onto a small plate.
  • Combine meat, onion, garlic, and oregano in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Combine the meat and seasonings evenly and then roll into 1-inch meatballs. Gently roll the meatballs in the flour and remove excess flour.
  • Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium heat and then add in the meatballs, cooking for 1-2 minutes on each side.
  • Stir in your marinara sauce and let it simmer as you reduce the heat to low. Continue to stir and mix in the meatballs with the sauce.
  • If using the zucchini as noodles, add them to the pan of sauce and meatballs and cook for about 1-2 minutes. If you’re using pre-made noodles, follow along with the boxes recipe and add in accordingly!
  • Top with parsley