New Year, New You?

We all say this every year. We make resolutions and tell all of our friends about what we plan to change. But how many of us stick to it? Most people have given up their resolution within the first month and even more have quit by March. We don’t want that for you! We want you to set yourself up for success and conquer the new year. Check out a few helpful tips as you finalize those resolutions for this year! 

Sticking to the Resolutions
-Goals, Not Resolutions: Change your mindset. Many people do resolutions for the new year because it sounds good and it’s what everyone else is doing. They are typically just giving something up and going cold turkey because it’s bad for you. Instead, go after something that you truly want! It doesn’t have to be about giving something up but maybe gaining something new! Continue to monitor these goals you’ve set and update them.

-Make it a Habit: If your goal is to meal prep every single week, make a plan to do it every week at the same time. If you consistently do it the same day and time, you will develop a habit of it and not want to miss it. The same goes for the gym. Make it a habit to go every morning at 5AM or every evening after work. Setting it as a calendar reminder can help as well!

-Make it Realistic: You need to be realistic when setting goals for yourself. You probably shouldn’t set a goal of squatting 350 pounds by next month if you’ve never squatted before in your life.

-Stay Motivated: This is easier said than done, but do what you can! Follow fitness accounts that post frequently, look up new healthy recipes, anything that will motivate you! Maybe you need to buy some fresh new workout gear from (insert link to website) to feel more comfortable while working out! Surround yourself by what you want and it will happen!

-Vision Boards: This may or may not be your thing- but it’s an amazing motivator! Grab some foam board and magazines and get to work. This is a great thing to do with all of your goals for the year. Whether it’s weight loss goals, financial goals, travel goals, this is a great idea.

Follow these tips and you will be on the right track for this year! It all starts with you- so you mentally have to get yourself ready for these changes you plan to make. If you want some extra help this year, let us guide you! Our customized plans will help you jumpstart into the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Stay tuned in February for our next transformation challenge. We’re planning it for that awkward time in the year when you’re still trying to stay motivated but you are getting tired of the gym and eating healthy. The goal is for this challenge to push you and motivate you to stick to the path you’re on! Why not win some money while eating healthy, am I right? Keep up the hard work! You’ve got this!