Preparing for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the holidays are here! The first of which is Thanksgiving and we want to help you get prepared! This is of course one of the biggest holidays of the year with A LOT of food choices- many of which are not healthy. So what do you do? How do you say no to all of the delicious side options and desserts? It’s simple- you don’t! You just have to plan ahead so that you can still enjoy your favorite foods.

Thanksgiving Tips
Maybe you’re like me and you load up on all the carb loaded sides- mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing, the list goes on.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the best idea if we want to stay on track with our diet. The key to having a “healthy” Thanksgiving is to stay on top of counting your calories and to stay on top of your workouts!

              Plan Ahead. As you look forward to the big day, look ahead at what you’ll be eating. Make sure to eat clean the whole week before so you can save your ‘cheat meal’ for Thanksgiving. This way you won’t feel bad about the extra piece of pie we both know you will want!
              Workout. Do your best to not skip a workout the week leading up to Turkey Day. Burn some extra calories early in the week so you have some extra ones to spare when the big day comes! Shoot- you can even add in some of your basic workouts for the day of! Body weight squats or lunges, push-ups, or step-ups are great!

              Time Your Meals. We both know your family will tell you when the Thanksgiving meal will be so use this to your advantage! It’s not healthy to skip any meals but what you can do is plan to have a smaller breakfast, lunch or dinner.

              Portion Control. This. Is. Key. If you really really want to have a bite of everything at Thanksgiving, then do that. Put a small scoop on your plate- and don’t go back for seconds.  You don’t have to have a whole cup of every single side. Portion them out to be a lot smaller than your average serving, that way you still indulge and try everything if you feel the need. Don’t overload your plate just because you can- then you will feel the need to eat it all!
              Skip the Leftovers. I know, I know.. I’m nuts. But trust me…enjoy your Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, Don’t try to make this one day last for multiple days by loading up on the leftovers. Indulge on Thursday but then get back to your regular meal plan the next day.

We hope these tips help you prepare for Thanksgiving! Don’t feel bad about eating the pie or the sweet potato casserole. It is a holiday and you deserve to enjoy yourself with family and friends! Just be sure to moderate your eating so that you don’t over do it! Happy Turkey Day, Fit Fam!!