Skipping Your Warm-Up? Don't!

We know, warm-ups are the worst. We realize it’s an extra 5-10 minutes that could be spent on your actual workout- but we promise it’s worth it!

Warm-ups are so critical for your fitness routine. Skipping a warm-up might not seem like a huge deal, but it can end in muscle injury, strain, and/or serious pain. Warming up also will improve your workout as well!


What is a Warm-Up?
A warm-up is of course at the beginning of your workout and meant to increase your heart rate. Increasing your heart rate will help with your body temperature and help to increase the blood flow in your body to give you a better workout. A warm-up is meant to be low intensity so that you don’t overdue it at the very beginning.

We recommend doing a five to ten minute warm-up before your workout to loosen up your muscles. You can decide what you choose to do for your warm-up, but anything from body weight squats or lunges or even starting with incline walks on the treadmill can work well. Anything with little to no weight to warm up the body part you plan to work on that day!

Are There Benefits?
Yes, there are many benefits to warming up your body before your workout. Warming up will help to increase your muscle elasticity while the resistance of the connecting tissue decreases (basically- it makes your muscles more relaxed and ready to work). Warming up will help to reduce your muscle tension and also help your ability to perform during your workout. It can also help you to get into the workout mood!

Warm-Ups can be broken into two different categories. You have your ‘general warm-up’ and your ‘specific warm-up’. General is going to be when you target your bigger muscle groups while a specific warm-up is going to target specific muscles that you plan to hit heavy during your workout. It’s really up to you which one you choose to do! The intensity is also up to you. We recommend starting with less intensity and than working your way up- this will decrease your risk of injury.

There are many benefits to warming up before your workouts, so be sure to continue these before every workout! Continuing these will help you in the long-term for your fat loss, fitness, and health goals!