Staying Consistent During Change

Now, more than ever, basically the entire world has been challenged to change. Change their work routine, their workouts, their social life, everything. It’s obvious that this is challenging for many of us because it’s such an unknown territory. Some people have never stepped foot in a gym and have always chose to do home workouts so for them this isn’t much of a change. But many of us live for the gym, or fitness studios of some type of exercise outside of our homes. For a lot of us we find peace when we are working out. We have a group of people we see at the gym daily, or people we take classes with; so many of us have lost that sense of community we once had with our fellow fitness members. While this time is challenging, we don’t want you to lose motivation! We are here to help you with staying consistent during change. It doesn’t have to be the end for our fitness journeys!


Staying Consistent

We know this seems impossible when gyms are closed and park access in many states have been limited. How are you supposed to work out and continue to stay fit? It’s challenging but we promise it’s possible!
-Continue to Meal Prep: Stay on top of your healthy eating habits! This should be the best time for you to focus on your diet. You can try out these recipes we continue to post, or any of the millions that you’ve saved from Facebook. Get creative and try some new (healthy) options!
-Stay in Routine: If you’re like us, you like to wake up at 5AM for the gym so that you have it all done for the day and can focus on your other responsibilities. If you’re not working right now, it might be harder to motivate yourself to wake up that early still but do your best. Continue to wake up early and do your home workouts! This way you’re still in that habit when the gyms open back up! If you don’t feel comfortable running outside that early, try to get your cardio in in other ways. Jumping jacks, jump rope, squat jumps, anything to get your heart rate up!
-Workout at Home: Some people are incredibly lucky to have home gyms of some sort or at least a good supply of weights, bands, and other fitness equipment. Many of us don’t have that luxury though and believe me; it’s HARD to stay motivated when you’re lifting soup cans and Gatorade bottles. Do yourself a favor and browse the Internet for some free classes. Many studios are offering free online classes that you can stream whenever. Yoga, sculpt, HIIT, it’s all available to you and it’s mostly all free. If you’re someone who needs structure, there are home workout plans you can purchase as well. They come with everything you will need for a solid home workout during this time. You can get ours here!

We are here for you! Continue to work on your goals and allow us to help you stay active!

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