Working From Home & Your Diet

Right now, and for the last few months, working from home and your diet have both probably been a top priority. Many of us probably gained the “Quarantine 15” while our gyms were closed, and we sat at home working basically 24/7. The problem is the majority of Americans are continuing to work at home and are sticking to a lot of the nasty habits that we picked up during quarantine. Working from home and changing up your routine doesn’t have to be hard- it should be helpful! We want to help you stay healthy and stay on track with your fitness goals during these unforeseen times. Follow these tips for help with working from home and your diet.

Tips to Stay Healthy

Let’s be clear, there are a ton of different tips for staying healthy. These to us, are the most important ones right now that we think will help you with the weird working from home time that we are in. But great news- these tips are useful all of the time (especially on weekends!)
Avoid Mindless/Stress Eating: This is a big one! When you’re stuck working at home you have the freedom of wondering into the kitchen and grabbing whatever you want. Maybe it’s a bag of chips and you don’t plan to eat it all, but you accidentally sit the whole thing down and an hour and 10 emails later, it’s completely gone. This is not what you want. Stress eating and mindless eating is something you want to avoid because you easily can add back on those extra pounds.
Change Out of Your PJ’s: Yes, bottoms too, we don’t care if your Skype call is only waist up. Getting dressed for the day and even making your bed is a huge mental signal. It tells your brain that it’s time to work and to get ready for the day. This will set you for a more successful and productive day!
Don’t Skip Meals: Not to be confused with stress eating, though. The amount of meals you should have each day will depend on your individualized meal plan, but a good rule of thumb is three full meals a day. Your meal should include some sort of protein, vegetable, and a carb (amounts will vary!). A protein bar is not considered a meal and should be used during your designated snack time, not as a replacement to your meals. It’s easy to skip meals or just snack when you are working from home and lose track of time- try to avoid that!
Get a Meal Plan: This goes hand in hand with what we said above. A meal plan will help you to know when to eat and what to eat. A customized meal plan from Disturbing Comfort will allow you to have it all laid out so you can prep on the weekends and then have your meals and healthy snacks ready throughout the day. Just set an alarm during the day with the times you should be eating!
Get Up and Move: Sitting at home in front of a computer is boring, we know. It makes you sleepy and unfocused. Get up and walk around! Go for a walk around the block or do a quick lunch-time workout. Make time in your day to walk around so that you aren’t sitting for too long.
Keep Your Routine: We know your routine is different right now, but it’s still important to stick to it or to find a new routine. If you always used to wake up and workout at 5am, continue to do so! Yeah, you don’t have your 30 minute commute anymore so it’s tempting to hit the snooze but the longer you put off your old habits then the harder it will be to get back into them.

With all of the changes 2020 has brought, we want to help you get back into routine and make a change in your health and fitness life! With new flexible payment options, there’s no reason not to start your transformation. Contact the Disturbing Comfort team today and we will be happy to get you started with your fitness transformation!