DYC Fitness

You’ve watched and you’ve waited, the time is finally here for the Disturbing Comfort family to let you in on the things we’ve been working on! Many of you have been here since Disturbing Comfort started in 2017, but many of you are new as well. Nonetheless we are honored to have you apart of the DC family and are constantly amazed at the growth and support we have received over the years. When DC started, it was fitness and nutrition plans. We started adding in apparel and building from there. As a small black-owned business in Indianapolis, we have been blessed!

In April 2021 we are excited to be opening DYC Fitness, a gym that will be located in downtown Indianapolis. The creation of this gym has been a long time coming and we are so blessed to be able to make this dream a reality. DYC Fitness stands for Disturb Your Comfort Fitness to follow along with our Disturbing Comfort brand and our motto to step out of your comfort zone!

What to Expect

DYC Fitness is set to open in April 2021 after we complete all building renovations. Our gym will be for members only and focused on personal training. The unique thing about DYC Fitness is that you there won’t be a hundred people in the gym at once. We want this to feel like your own personal gym so the amount of people in the facility at a time will always be limited. If you do have our training membership, you will have access to the gym whenever you please.

DYC Fitness will be complete with weights, squat racks, bench press machines, TRX bands, turf, cardio equipment, and a variety of other workout equipment. Our personal training staff will take you through an initial evaluation to determine your goals, track where you are now, and come up with a fitness plan for you. The gym will also feature an area to purchase Disturbing Comfort gear, PeScience products, and other local featured vendors.

We are very excited to be opening DYC Fitness and can’t wait so share our progress with you. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to follow DYC Fitness on Instagram and Facebook!

-The Disturbing Comfort Family