About Us


Founded by Jeremy Stephens, Disturbing Comfort is a movement setting a new standard in the fitness world. We develop meal and training plans, design apparel and bring out the best in those who enter our DC family.

An Indiana native and lifelong athlete who played collegiate and professional football, Jeremy struggled to find balance. Although he was active, his relationship with food was unhealthy and he suffered from emotional and binge eating. Approaching 300 pounds in August 2015, Jeremy knew it was time to make a lifestyle change.

Taking an experimental outlook on health and fitness he adjusted nutrition and activity based on feedback from his body. He understood his journey would not be quick or painless. Perseverance and consistency propelled him outside of his comfort zone. Jeremy began to notice physical, emotional and mental growth. Adamant that a strong and positive mindset is integral, Jeremy makes mental health a focus for his clients.

“It’s deeper than just a physical appearance. Fitness is about our mental state as well and emotions are running at an all-time high while you’re physically trying to mold your body. I’ve been there. Now it is my job to relay that moral support to my clients.”

Seeing a global market for a personal trainer that could relate directly to clients, Jeremy left his job in Pediatric healthcare to launch Disturbing Comfort in August of 2017.  Excited to help others reach their fitness goals, he wants his Disturbing Comfort family members to step outside of their comfort zone and achieve heights that they never thought they could.

A Butler University alumnus, Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a minor in English Creative Writing. He is currently based in Indianapolis, IN and enjoys hanging out with friends, attending his father’s church, and cheering on the Indiana Pacers.